“The Traditional Candy maker and worldwide distributor since 1996”

About us

Sweetpack was founded in 1996 by owner Johan Melis and his wife Kris Maes. What started as a small production facility in his home town of Balen turned into an unexpected journey of specialized sweets in Lommel. As a production company, Sweetpack makes some of the typical specialties of Retro Candies like the candy whistles/lipsticks, seashells and dummies. Since the advent of his two sons, Sweetpack has also started the production of new dextrose and sorbitol sweets. Here for they started the sister company “Meldex” The strength of the company is our passion for the candies and the flexibility of its production. Due to the appreciation and the love for special candy making, Sweetpack is expanding every year. Besides making candy, we also distribute a lot of special candies like Candy Necklaces and Watches, Citric Fruits and Straws, Special Jellies, etc. Since 2016 Sweetpack also invested together with Meldex in a brand new production facility to make “Fruit-granulations” and the Mellies ® sweets based on dried fruit.

Quality & vision


As we are a 100% family business, we are working with passion to obtain the best quality every day. Every person working in our company is considered a member of the family. Together we make sure that all our products are well produced and checked on quality to end up as the perfect candy for the customer.


Due to our IFS standard, the production facilities are made to make high quality products. Most of the machinery are special made and meet the highest quality standards


Our company is based in Lommel, Belgium situated near the Dutch border. We are easily connected to highways which makes transport easy. From Lommel we are exporting to many countries all over the world.


As we are handling the IFS standard on higher level, we make sure that every step is checked and traced. Since 2012 we implemented the system Navision into our company. This implementation makes it possible to trace every product and product parts in less than 1 hour. As we want to guarantee the best quality, we only work with certified suppliers who share the same passion for making their products as we do.

Our specialties

Fruit creations

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